10 Interesting Facts About the Founding Fathers

With all the modern day excitement that goes on in our pulsing city it’s easy to forget our rich Pennsylvanian history. Take a minute to check out some interesting facts about our extraordinary founding fathers. 1-2-2D4-25-ExplorePAHistory-a0n0y8-a_349


1. James Wilson received an honorary masters degree from the College of Philadelphia.
2. Philadelphia, former U.S. capital, was home to President George Washington and John Adams.
3. Some of the founding fathers attended Christ Church in Olde City.
4. Robert Morris wasn’t born in the United States but rather England.
5. Benjamin Franklin didn’t have a formal education; he taught himself.
6. Thomas Mifflin was cast out of the Quaker faith as a result of his designation as major in the Continental Army.
7. Benjamin Franklin is the only founder to have signed all four of the documents that shaped America’s independence (The Constitution; The Declaration of Independence; The Treaty of Peace; The Treaty of Alliance, Amity, and Commerce).
8. Robert Morris launched the Bank of North America. Years later was jailed for failing to pay debts.
9. Gouveneur Morris drafted the Constitution.
10. Thomas Fitzsimmons was born in Ireland.
Written by Ashleigh Gray

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