Hilary White’s “The Endless One”


9036960250_f7639a5d9d_bHilary White’s newest art collection, “The Endless One”, is being presented at the Paradigm gallery from May 24th – June 22nd.

Originally from Maine, Philadelphia artist Hilary White works with hand cut wood and various paint mediums to make art with unusual layers and combinations. The large-scale 3D sculptures call to many aspects of faith, science and—surprisingly enough–classically retro 80’s pop culture. Her trippy art is extremely interesting and complex, and the mere scale of her art is exciting. Waterfalls, animals, mountains and sunsets make up the artist’s backdrops as she experiments with glitter, spray paint and lots of bright colors.

The animals she chooses to depict–deer,mules,hawks– portray a quiet, observing and wise intuition. This combined with intergalactic landscapes and radiant bursts of color express her art’s true meaning.

The closing reception is tonight from 6-10 p.m. although the exhibition is available for viewing until tomorrow from 12-6 p.m. on 803 South 4th street.



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